Magpie Lane

Magpie Lane street sign

Named after a folk tune from Oxford that was named after the street that it was collected in.
The band play in some interesting venues. Here are photos from concerts in Hertford and Oxford.

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St Leonard's, Bengeo, Hertfordshire, 6 August 2023

This is a lovely grade 1 listed Norman church now on the very edge of Hertford's urban sprawl. On a wet evening I wasn't able to do the architecture justice but I did capture one of the medieval wall paintings.

Wall painting in St Leonard's, Bengeo showing Christ being taken down from the Cross

Before the show guitarist Jon Fletcher is tuning in the chancel
Jon Fletcher tuning his guitar

The full band. Left to right Mat Green, Andy Turner, Ian Giles and Sophie Thurman. I am afraid that I couldn't get Jon into the frame. Magpie Lane playing at St Leonard's Bengo August 2023

30th Anniversary Concert, Holywell Music Room, 23 April 2023

This was a superb concert with the current line up, old band members and friends.

Magpie Lane in the Holywell Music Room, April 2023

Magpie Lane in the Holywell Music Room, April 2023

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