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Keith Summers Memorial Weekend

Keith was widely liked and respected throught the English and Irish folk scenes. After his untimely death in Southend memorial weekends have been held at The King and Queen public house in London where he founded the Musical Traditions Folk Club. This is a wonderful intimate event with performers from all over the country and just about room for a handfull of audience members. 

Club 25th Anniversary
November 2015

Sara Grey Tom Paley and Bruce Scott Tom Paley Thomas McCarthy and Ron Kavana Jim Ward Jill Pidd Jill Pidd and Doc Rowe Matt and Dan Quinn The session band John Howson Carol Anderson and Geordie Murison Pete Cooper Bruce Scott Sheila Miller The Pigeons The Pigeons Liz Giddings and Roger Digby Patricia Flynn and Peta Webb David Campbell and Jenny Bellamy Laura Smyth and Ted Kemp Ted Poole Jim Eldon

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7th Festival, May 2011

1st Festival, May 2005

2nd Festival, May 2006

3rd Festival, May 2007

5th Festival, May 2009

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