English Folk Photos

Terms and Conditions for reproducing material in these galleries

  1. The copyright of all images in this photo gallery belongs Peter Crabb-Wyke except where explicitly advised otherwise
  2. Unless explicitly stated otherwise on the page, images may be reproduced for the purposes of promoting the traditional arts without payment provided the copyright owner is credited
  3. Any commercial use is permitted only with the explicit permission of the copyright owner who may expect payment. Unless we are informed otherwise by the original copyright owner we retain the right to display the material and to permit use as defined in section 2.
  4. All use of images should be advised to us by email or by post to 21 Goose Acre, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1YQ. As a matter of courtesy a copy of the material containing the image(s) would be appreciated.

Examples of permitted use:

Publicity material for performers, clubs or events. Daily or weekly local or national newspapers. Local authority tourist and event publicity material, Web sites for performers, events and clubs.

Examples of use defined as commercial:

Calendars, postcards or greetings cards. Publicity (except for a relevant event) by commercially operated venues. Reproduction in items offerred for sale such as CDs or books.

If in doubt just email

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